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The 5 most frequently asked questions about the BabyFloat.

There we’re again! It’s june, sunny and summer. Reasons enough to have some quality time with your little one and the BabyFloat in the water. What else do you need? (except for a coffee). BUT, we’re getting a lot of questions everyday, so I picked the five frequently asked questions about the BabyFloat. Hopefully your question will be answered. And… always keep in mind that each baby is different.   

 1.     At what age can I start using the BabyFloat?

A very important question which we hear everyday. You can start using the BabyFloat when your baby can lift his (or hers) own head while lying on their belly. Most of the time, this is arround 8 weeks. But ofcourse, as I said before, every baby is different.

2.     Isn’t it too tighten for my baby’s neck?

Nope, your baby wouldn’t feel anything from the BabyFloatJ. Let me explain that. First of all, a body of a baby is very different than a body of an adult. The big difference is the pressure on the neck. Check the blog of my colleague Frederiek, there she’s explaining how it exactly works. Secondly the BabyFloat has no sharp edges, these has been finished up on the inside of the BabyFloat. And ofcourse, like everybody knows, your baby is very light in the water because of the difference in gravity. So there wouldn’t be any pressure on the neck of your cutiepie while using the BabyFloat!

3.     Is the BabyFloat meant for bathing or for the swimmingpool?

Yes, a really good question. I can imagine that it’s sometimes a bit confusing. But actually the answer is really simple. It’s suitable for booth. Some people use it for bathing, others for swimming. There’re even people who use it in the little baby baths. The most important is that your baby is happy and if he or she likes it the way you’re doing it, it’s all fine!  

4.     Is the BabyFloat safe?

Yes it is. And we’re working every single day to make the product even better. The BabyFloat has been extensively tested, so you can use the product carefree for your child. Ofcourse it’s very important to always stay within reach of your baby and keep an eye on him or her while using this product. The BabyFloat has two dimensions and two handles for holding on the ring or turn your cutie around. Relax and have fun with floating!

 5.     How long should I try it for the first time?

The BabyFloat has a lot of benefits. Bobbing arround and kicking helps relaxtion and better sleeps for your little one (and for you at the same time, yippie!). They’re actually training their muscles by kicking their legs and pushing themselves away. It’ fun, but héy, you can imagine it’s also really exhausting. Especially for the first time. That’s why we recommend you to use it not too long for the first time. The best is to try it for max. 10 minutes. And ofcourse, when you and your baby are used to it, you can use it a bit longer.

Do you have more questions? Don’t hesistate to ask them!

The BabyFloat Team