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By Margot, May 17, 2018 


5 (+ one)! Tips to survive a holiday with triplets


Yaaaaaj, it’s almost summer in the city. That means that we’re all planning our holiday trips. Last week we had a cuteness overloaded photoshoot with the BabyFloat and a triplet: Balt, Loeki and Pip. The parents were very well trained by putting the babies in the tub and using the BabyFloat. So I think the well known saying is true: teamwork makes the dream work! 





By Frederieke, April 3, 2018


5 Great baby apps


Have a baby on the way or did you just become a mom? Now’s the time to update your phone with apps designed to make life with baby a little bit easier. They will help you track feedings, sleep times, decipher developmental milestones and build the most beautiful selection of photos—plus so much more.





By Frederieke, March 20, 2018


Why the BabyFloat doesn't hurt your baby's neck


Is the BabyFloat not bad for the neck? Is a question we get regularly. If you see a picture or a video of a baby enjoying the BabyFloat, you are thinking about how it would be for the baby's neck. Did you know that the body of a baby is different to that of an adult? Let me explain to you how it works.