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The 5 benefits of growing up with a pet!

Every child wants a puppy, kitten or some little rabbits in their life to cuddle. A new family member, a friend, a buddy and last but not least; a playmate. 
There’s no Barbie or baby born who can win by playing with your pet.
But, as I discovered, there are many more benefits associated with growing up with a pet. Dr. Gail Gross - expert in human behavior, upbringing and education - shares the benefits of the Huffington Post.

1. It’s your bestfriend!
As a child, it’s not always easy to communicate with your parents or your friends. That’s why a lot of children prefer to go to their pet to tell them all about their secrets and stories. Guess what? He still likes you and he would never say that you did something wrong. They don’t judge. They’ll always comfort and support you by being friendly to you. That’s exactly what children need at some moments!

2. More confidence? Yes please!
Parents often think that they have to take care of the pets every day. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Children can help with taking care of the pet as well. Especially when they’re a bit older. Of
course this is a nice benefit for you, but it also gives your child a bit more confidence. He has a responsibility and he finished his job well. Good job!

3. More social
Some researchers at the University of Western Australia also conducted research into pets and the socialization of children. What seems? Children are more likely to approach other children when they grow up with an animal. 'Having a pet is an important factor for promoting social interaction and forming friendship within neighborhoods', wrote Dr. Lisa Wood in her study - published in the journal PLoS One. This is the same for ‘family-friendships’. Having a dog around the house is like having another child. It’s a family member! It helps brothers and sisters grow closer trough each other and reduce other factors like jealousy and rivalry. From sharing the walking and caring responsibilities to just play with them in the yard, a dog brings you closer!

I think one of the greatest benefits of growing up with a pet is simply that children feel more happy. They can play and have fun with each other whenever they like. Interaction with animals has been proven to raise levels of serotonin and dopamine. Which are the building blocks of positive feelings. It’s a perfect way to release some stress. 

5. More active and never scared!
In this century, with all the fast technologies like Ipads, Iphones and online television, it’s sometimes hard to get the kids out of the house. When I’m thinking of my childhood, I remember all the adventures I had. I was constantly looking for wurms, savind frogs and climbing all the trees. A dog is a perfect way to get your child out of the house. It can be by taking a walking around the neighborhood or enjoying a fun day with playing with balls and
ropes in the backyard, park or beach.

So ask around, check the internet en go search for a puppy, have fun!