The 5 best gifts you can give on a baby shower

Hi everyone,

Time flies when you’re having f… ehhh working hard! O my god it’s already the end of August. What’s happening? It looks like it’s the month of the pregnancies in my life, because when I’m opening Facebook or my Instagram, I’m only seeing people who’re expecting a baby. Thereby comes that I’ll become an aunt again. How cool is that?

Of course like everyone knows, with a pregnancy comes (most of the times) a Babyshower as well. I always really like it to organize that kind of stuff so that gave me the idea to search for some cool and unique baby shower presents. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy.

1. To much to do, what about a maid service?
Cooking, cleaning, washing, comfort your crying baby, sleeping, eating, repeat,
ohhh puke; washing again, going outside, being friendly to your husband and also relaxing and enjoying life?! HOW the h** is that possible? The first months are for getting to know your baby and relax a bit. Keeping the house tidy is the last thing on your to-do list when you’re having a new baby. That’s why it would be a perfect gift to your friend to give her a gift card for housekeeping services. Oh yes!

2. Babysitting coupons
Let the new parents have a night off to catch a nice concert or drink a good taste of wine. I actually gave this to my brother when he got his first baby and they really, really liked it (they used all of them). Bonus for you: you can chill with the cutest baby in town and get to know your little friend a bit more.

3. Let them cook!
Wodehouse! That would be really nice to get. Be really original and give them a really fresh meal. I saw it on this website. You can already give a complete meal for €11,50. Veggie, meat or fish; it’s all possible!

4. Klikkie!
I saw this on Facebook last week and I really like the concept. Although we now take more photos than ever before, we actually barely print them. We’re used that all our pictures are on the computer or phone and it takes to much time and
work to actually print them. So that’s why klikkie is born! How does it work? You take a subscription on ‘klikkie’. You pay each month €7,95, they help you remember that you’ve to upload your 10 best memories off last month. After each upload, they sent you an envelope with your (printed) memories, which simply fits through your mailbox. Also really nice to give to a friend for about the first 6 months of her motherhood. Look for more information on this link.

5. The BabyFloat!
You can start using the BabyFloat when your baby can lift his own head while lying on his belly. Most of the time this is around 8 weeks. A nice way to enjoy bathing with your child. So a nice gift on the Baby shower!