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See below a few of the many benefits of the BabyFloat. Every Baby is happy with the BabyFloat!
BabyFloat Specifications
Make sure you buy the real product. The BabyFloat is recognisable by the illustrated life buoy.
  • EN1313138-1 CE marking
  • Suitable for children from 3 to 12 kg and from 2-18 months old
  • Inflatable, therefore very easy to carry
  • Lightweight, only 0.185 kg
  • Easy, double closure with click system
  • 2 air compartments for extra safety
  • Dimensions 36x36x6 cm
  • No sharp edges! These are finished inwards
  • Cute sound balls in the ring
Fun as a maternity gift
Do you have a friend who will soon have a baby and do you find it difficult to give a nice gift? Then don't wait any longer and order a BabyFloat! With this gift you are original and make sure that parent and child have fun together in the bath. The BabyFloat is lightweight and has a compact size. This makes it easy to put the strap through the letterbox. The BabyFloat is made of phthalate-free plastic, so it weighs only 185 grams. This makes the BabyFloat easy to send as a maternity gift.
European approved
The BabyFloat meets all the requirements for toys in Europe and therefore has the EN13138-1 CE mark. In addition, the strap has been intensively tested. The BabyFloat is seamless, so it has no sharp edges. This makes the strap comfortable around the neck. Also, the strap is not too tight and does not hurt the neck. This is because a child's head is not comparable to that of an adult. The head of a child is bigger in comparison to that of an adult. In addition, the child's body becomes weightless in the water. A baby also has more fat and therefore more buoyancy. For example, the body of a 4-month-old baby has about 25% fat mass.
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