Make bathing even more fun

The BabyFloat provides more fun in the bath, because the child can float around, kick around and stand off against the edge of the bath. This is great fun for active and mobile babies and children. As a parent, it is also more pleasant in the bath, because you do not have to hold the child constantly. This ensures more freedom of movement.
Bathing with your little one is of course very nice, but it can also be a bit exciting. Your baby is probably still very small and when you take a bath together, your little one gets wet and therefore a little slippery. So you have to hold your child well. It makes perfect sense that the first time you take a bath can be a bit exciting! By inflating the BabyFloat and attaching it around the child's neck, you no longer need to hold the baby. This ensures that the child's head remains above water. This allows both the child and parent to move more freely in the water and the child can 'swim' around a little bit. This way you can easily wash the hairs of the little one while he or she can play in the water at the same time. As a parent it is also less exciting to take a bath with the child, which gives you more fun. Babies are sensitive and take over every emotion and stimulus from you. If you are relaxed in the bath, make sure your child feels comfortable here. If this still hasn't convinced you, I'm sure your child's smile will!