5 (+ one)! Tips to survive a holiday with triplets


Yaaaaaj, it’s almost summer in the city. That means that we’re all planning our holiday trips. Last week we had a very cute photoshoot with the BabyFloat and a triplet: Balt, Loeki and Pip. The parents were very well trained by putting the babies in the tub and using the BabyFloat. So I think the well known saying is true: teamwork makes the dream work! A lot of people think that once you have triplets "life" is over and you’re not going to travel or do anything. But if you’re not afraid off some hard work, you can still do a lot! The parents of our cute models for BabyFloat were planning their trip to Spain and that gave me the idea to give you some tips to survive (and enjoy!) a holiday with your lovely triplets. Spain? Bali? France? Italy? Where is your trip going? Here we give you some awesome tips:


1. Plan, plan, plan

While planning is the key, moms of twins or triplets know to be prepared for the unexpected. Read a lot of blogs and tips for travelling with triplets, let the airline know that you’re travelling all together, research your destination ahead of time and check for a stroller to use at the airport. But most important: make memories and enjoy yourself too. Kids are going to be unpredictable and you’re job is to roll with it, and I’m sure you can do it!


2. Take a lot of snacks and toys with you on the plane!

You probably booked an extra-third chair, since the one-child-per-adult policy. Yes, it’s more expensive, but some airlines offer a discount for travelling for children under 2. Scared that your babies are gonna cry the whole flight and don’t behave? Don’t worry. Everyone will understand that it’s not easy to travel with a triplet. BUT make sure you bring a lot of healthy snacks (breadsticks, pieces of fruit, crackers and some toys that require some concentration).

 P.S. Maybe to sweeten your neighbours in the plane and the people near you and your triplet: bake some delicious brownie to thank them for their patience. I’ll guarantee you that everyone will be on your side!


3. Invest in a good travel stroller

Invest in a really good stroller! Maybe a very awesome triple stroller is a good idea. I’m sure you’re winning the "héy, take a look at them – contest"! And of course it’s so much easier to travel with.


4. Travel light!

You don’t need double stuff just because you’re bringing double kids. Keep in mind that all the clothes can be shared and clothing can be washed. Pack one suitcase for all the stuff and the other one for all the clothes. You don’t want to carry around all those stuff and the less stuff you have to lug around, the better! Travelling can be complicated and stressful, so living simpler for a few days feels actually pretty nice!  


5. Relax

Pack a sense of humour along with all the clothes, diapers, toys, snacks and stuff you’ll need during your trip. It’s not always going to be easy, but keep in mind that it’s still your holiday and that you-are-doing-it-great!


+1  And of course… the BabyFloat!

Going for a swim? The BabyFloat is perfect to bring with you on holiday. Nothing beats a fun swim together. Especially when you have triplets. From now on you can swim and play with all three together at the same time! That’s what I call a vacation.  

Do you have more tips? We would love to hear them!