Good for the muscles

Because the child can move more easily in the bath by wearing a BabyFloat, the muscles will develop better. The pool belt is around the child's head, allowing the entire lower body to move while the head remains above the water. Although your child is weightless in the water because of the resistance, it is important that your child is strong enough to use the BabyFloat. From birth, a child's neck is very sensitive and weak. If your child can hold up his or her neck while lying on his or her tummy, then the baby has a strong enough neck to use the BabyFloat. In addition, children must weigh a minimum of 3 kilograms and they may weigh a maximum of 12 kilograms.
If your child is suitable to use a BabyFloat, having fun in the bath really starts. The BabyFloat provides extra room to move, so your child can play more freely in the water. Besides fun, it also improves the child's muscle development. By long pedalling in the water improves muscle tension, making the leg muscles stronger. It is also possible for the child to rest against the edge of the bath in order to develop the leg muscles. You can imagine that this can be quite tiring for such a little one in the bath. We therefore recommend to build up the use of the BabyFloat. Try it first for 5 to 10 minutes and build it up quietly so your little one can get used to it.