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By Margot, August 8th, 2018

At what age can I start using the BabyFloat?

New week, new blog! It’s still very warm in Holland so all the swimming pools and beaches are filled with people who’re looking for some refreshments. But what if you have a newborn? At what age can you start baby swimming? And at what age can you start using the BabyFloat? That's a good question! Let me explain it to you. 

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By Anne Pauw, July 31th, 2018


Cooling off with the Babyfloat  


It’s a fact. The Netherlands is dealing with a heatwave and official drought. It’s bizarre that even in a country such as Holland it’s possible to have this kind of dryness. All the icecreams are sold out in the supermarkets, so we have to find another way to cool off ourselves. 

Little babies
Especially for little babies under the age of 1 it’s not always fun with this weather. You can’t tell them why it’s so hot and they’re crying because of the temprature.

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By Margot, august 1th, 2018  


5 nutritious recipes for babies from 7 till 9 months


Hello again! It was very hot in Holland (like 35 degrees) and when it’s very hot and warm, I really don’t feel like eating a lot. My body just wants a lot of water and I feel all the time really slow and drowsy.  I also don’t feel like cooking a very big meal. BUT my critical voice is telling me I’ve to take care of myself and eat healthy and varied. Ofcourse not only for yourself, but alsof for your family and baby.





By Margot, June 19th, 2018 


The 3 cuteness overloaded ways your baby says: I love you!


Last sunday the 17th, it was international Fathersday. A very special day if you’re asking me. I think every parent deserved to be in the spotlight once a year. Ofcourse it doesn’t has to be exorbitant and some people think it’s overrated, stupid and commercial. But let’s be honest: we all like to be pampered sometimes, right?! I think it’s cute and very sweet to pamper eachother sometimes.






 By Margot, June 14th, 2018 


The best tips to comfort your baby


Every single day we’re getting a lot of nice messages from happy moms and dads. They’re telling us that their baby is becoming a member of the happy floating team and that they really enjoy using the BabyFloat. We really love to read all those sweet messages and although they’re all heart warming, there are always some messages that stand out. Just like last week.






By Margot, June 7th, 2018 


The 5 most frequently asked questions about the BabyFloat


There we’re again! It’s june, sunny and summer. Reasons enough to have some quality time with your little one and the BabyFloat in the water. What else do you need? (except for a coffee). BUT, we’re getting a lot of questions everyday, so I picked the five frequently asked questions about the BabyFloat. Hopefully your question will be answered. And… always keep in mind that each baby is different.   






By Margot, May 17, 2018 


5 (+ one)! Tips to survive a holiday with triplets


Yaaaaaj, it’s almost summer in the city. That means that we’re all planning our holiday trips. Last week we had a cuteness overloaded photoshoot with the BabyFloat and a triplet: Balt, Loeki and Pip. The parents were very well trained by putting the babies in the tub and using the BabyFloat. So I think the well known saying is true: teamwork makes the dream work! 






By Frederieke, March 20, 2018


Why the BabyFloat doesn't hurt your baby's neck


Is the BabyFloat not bad for the neck? Is a question we get regularly. If you see a picture or a video of a baby enjoying the BabyFloat, you are thinking about how it would be for the baby's neck. Did you know that the body of a baby is different to that of an adult? Let me explain to you how it works.