BabyFloat ® Swim Ring
BabyFloat ® Swim Ring
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Perfect to use in bath.
Ideal for babies and toddlers.
Provides a smile on the face!

What is a BabyFloat?

A BabyFloat is a strap for a baby or toddler to ensure that the head stays above water in a bath or pool. The video on the right clearly shows this. It's actually very simple. You inflate the BabyFloat and attach it to your child's neck with a simple closure. All edges of the BabyFloat are finished inwards, so there are no sharp edges. The BabyFloat gives both the parent and child more freedom of movement, making bathing a great pleasure!

Benefits BabyFloat

By using the BabyFloat you experience several advantages. Take a look at some examples below and let yourself be convinced!

When can you use the BabyFloat?

The general guideline is that you can use the BabyFloat if your child is at least 2 months and at most 18 months old. Please note that this is a general guideline! To use the BabyFloat, the weight of the child is also a crucial factor. To use the BabyFloat, your child must meet certain conditions. Your child must weigh a minimum of 3 kilograms and a maximum of 12 kilograms. It is also essential that your child has a strong neck. For certain neck disorders, using the BabyFloat is not wise. The BabyFloat can be used if the child can lift his or her own head when lying on his or her tummy.

Happy floaters
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