BabyFloat ® Swim Ring

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Benefits BabyFloat:

  • Freedom to move for you and your baby. Keeping your hands free makes it easy for you to wash or play with your baby for example.
  • Bobbing around and kicking helps relaxation and better sleep for babies!
  • Children exercise their muscles by kicking their legs and by pushing themselves off against the edge of the bath.
  • It is easy and safe for your baby to turn from his/her stomach onto his/her back, just like in the womb.
  • Also very well suited for very active or more anxious children.
  • The balls and images in the baby-float ring provide extra water fun!
  • Because it is very compact and light, it is easy to take with you, on holidays for instance!
  • Fits in mailbox, so can be sent by regular mail

  • Suitable for children from 3 to 12 Kg
  • CE marking
  • Can be used in the bath or swimming pool (shallow water)
  • Inflatable and therefore easy to take with you.
  • Light weight; only 0.185 Kg
  • Convenient double closing mechanism with click system
  • Two handles for holding on to the ring, to turn it around etc.
  • Dimensions 36x36x6 cm (lxwxh)
  • No sharp edges! These have been finished off on the inside.
Water fun:

The Babyfloat ® allows even the smallest babies to “swim around''. It actually works very simply. You blow up the Babyfloat, and place it around your child’s neck by means of a simple fitting. All edges are finished off on the inside; so no sharp edges!

Not only will your baby or child love of the freedom of moving around in the water, but it will also improve his/her muscle tone. An additional advantage is that you can let go of your baby, the strap will ensure that his/her head stays out of the water. You can wash your baby without any problems and you can play together etc. The ring itself is fitted with two handy grips, and has nice pictures and ringing balls on the inside. Another added benefit is that the Babyfloat hardly takes up any space. Easy to take with you on holidays and to the pool as well!

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BabyFloat ® Swim Ring
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