At what age can you start using the BabyFloat?


Baby swimming! At what age?

New week, new blog! It’s still very warm in Holland so all the swimming pools and beaches are filled with people who’re looking for some refreshments. But what if you have a newborn? At what age can you start baby swimming? And at what age can you start using the BabyFloat? That's a good question! Let me explain it to you.

First shower or bath?

Swimming with your newborn can be very exciting. Your baby is still very small and when you’ll take a shower or a bath together; your little one gets really slippery. For a lot of parents, it's a big step and I can imagine it's a bit scary as well.

But then swimming! When can we start?!

Babies love water! Getting in the pool with your little one is great for both you and your baby. Being in warm water is nothing new for your baby as whilst developing in your womb your baby was surrounded, protected and even nourished by the amniotic fluid you produce, so getting into a pool isn’t a completely unfamiliar experience for your newborn. 

But, a body of a baby under a age of 6 weeks, has a bit effort to keep himself warm. Besides, your baby is really sensitive for some infections. That's why all the doctors say it's the best to wait until 6 weeks after your baby's birth before you get in a pool. If you go sooner there's a chance you could pick up an infection. It's best that you wait until six weeks after your baby’s birth before you get in a pool. If you go sooner there's a chance you could pick up an infection. Babies prefer warmer water, so you should find for a pool heated to from 30°C to 32°C until your baby gets a little older.

Does your baby like to swim?

If your baby likes to swim you can think about using the BabyFloat in the pool. It's a nice way to go swimming with your baby. Using the BabyFloat means freedom to move for you and your baby. From now on you can play with your little one while your baby is floating. 

When can we start it?

Although your baby is weightless in the water because of the gravity, it's important that your baby is strong enough. At birth, your baby has little control over his head because his motor skills and neck muscles are fairly weak. By the end of his first month, your baby should be able to lift his head briefly and turn it from side to side when lying on his stomach. At around 6 to 8 weeks, if he's especially strong and coordinated, he'll raise his head while lying on his back. From that moment on, your baby is strong enough to float in the water!


Chill and have fun! Your baby can feel your emotions, so be relax. It doesn’t matter if your baby gets a bit of water in his face or when he’s bouncing really exciting around! Nothing can happen if you’ll always stay in reach of your baby while using this product. So let’s go swimming and enjoy!

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